Zenitas Healthcare and Empowered Liveability are extremely excited about our first National partnership (VIC, QLD, WA, SA)

As a Specialist Disability Provider, Empowered Liveability are very selective with which Supported Independent Living providers that we partner with, and ensure shared beliefs, value and vision for providing quality homes for people with a disability.

With our Co-Founder/Director Nicole Doherty’s 20 years’ experience in Disability/Mental Health/Community Services, she is understandably passionate about having the right team working cohesively and holistically together, with participants at the helm.

This creates incredible lifelong outcomes for people with complex support needs!

We’ve ensured alignment between the participants, support providers and our team, and that participants choose which SIL partner will provide their daily supports.

In many cases, our participants have brought our teams together, they have complete choice and control over the house they choose, the providers they know and trust, and housemates they have met and selected (many over zoom catch ups during Covid-19!)

Zenitas Healthcare bring together some of the most recognised, iconic names in the disability sector, along with Allied health and medical care, under one umbrella.

Hitting all of our core selection criteria, striving to reach the pinnacle of best practices, synergy as a collaborative team, and being the provider of choice for several of our participants, makes us very proud to welcome our 6th SIL provider partner onboard.

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To find out more about our homes and our SIL partnerships, feel free to register your interest for a discovery call from our team here:

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