Best Apps For People With Disabilities

Many assistive apps for handicapped persons can help with almost everything from picture-based communication methods to discovering accessible destinations.

Thankfully, these applications make impaired people’s life more possible and easy. Empowered Liveability, the leading provider of disability housing in Melbourne has listed down some of the best applications so you can learn more about them and their benefits to individuals who use them.

Voice4U AAC

This Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) software offers a picture-based communication method for persons who have difficulty speaking. It comes with over 180 icons pre-installed, and you can create your icons to add to the built-in collection, record your voice, and even print matching image cards.

Voice4u AAC is ideal for nonverbal persons, those on the autistic spectrum, stroke sufferers, and anybody who challenges with communication; yet at $60, it is considerably more reasonable than pricey standalone equipment.

It’s worth mentioning that the same business also produces Voice4u TTS (Text-to-Speech), which reads what you write in a variety of natural-sounding voices. Using ORC technology, the app can even interpret words from an image.


This AAC software was designed to be a daily communication aid for persons who have difficulty speaking. Users interact by pressing symbols from the app’s 10,000+ word library – but such a large vocabulary isn’t intended to be intimidating. In fact, Proloquo2Go was created based on studies indicating that 200 to 400 words account for 80 per cent of our core vocabulary. The software provides variable vocabulary levels to accommodate a wide variety of fine motor and visual skills and a progressive language function to assist users in expanding their vocabularies.

Proloquo2Go has over 100 free natural-sounding text-to-speech voices and 25,000 built-in symbols, and the ability to upload your images.

Be My Eyes

This software uses live video conversations to link blind and low-vision persons with sighted volunteers. Guided problem-solving is provided by the sighted volunteers. It may be used to help recover lost or misplaced goods, describe photographs, read labels, shop at businesses, and navigate unfamiliar areas, among other things.

Be My Eyes is available for both iOS and Android smartphones and is absolutely free to download and use.


This software assists handicapped drivers in locating and obtaining refuelling assistance for their automobiles. Refuelling may be difficult for persons who use wheelchairs and other handicapped drivers, but FuelService seeks to alleviate that difficulty by displaying which gas stations have attendants that can assist you.

search for and select a gas station from a list or map using the app. After that, the app will contact the gas station to see if they can help you. When you arrive, the app informs the attendant and displays you how long it will be until they come out to assist you. It also has a ranking system to help you select gas stations that have helped others in the past.

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