NDIS & SDA Housing in Newcastle

Empowered Liveability is a platform considered to be served for people with complex disabilities, a place of investment for investors in Newcastle, Australia. We offer property investment for years which allows our clients to work one leading specialist disability accommodation provider and NDIS housing in Newcastle. It can cause impactful investment opportunity on the properties for the favour of clients and investors.
Newcastle Empowered Liveability

What services do we provide?

Empowered Liveability do not believe in discrimination of people whether they are of a different colour, sex or religion in Newcastle. We provide high-quality homes and property buying assistance at affordable prices. People age over 60 can easily access to their homes with no difficulty and can also choose the housemate of their choice. We believe they should have their control over their freedom of living with no complaints whereas the accommodation for the young people though in crisis for now but would be fixed soon for the welfare of the residents. You can also enjoy gardens, pets, and room for support staff to have their own space.

What a tenant required?

House should be a place of comfort and ease provided by the authority to the tenants with special care. A pleasant environment, social activities and community harmony have positive effects on the mental and physical health of the residents.


The cost prices of the SDA housing Newcastle are allocated with the reasonable worth, which can be easily affordable such as (social housing, affordable housing, supported and transitional housing). Whether you want a shared house, a condo or an apartment, you will need to worry about nothing. We will provide yo facilities whatever your choice is. An assistant, personal chef, and a caretaker nurse who will be registered form the authority.