How to Enjoy Outdoors with Physical Disability?

For someone who is diagnosed with a physical disability, going outdoors can be a daunting task. When it comes to outdoor activities, we can go without preparing or planning, but people with disabilities need support on certain things, such as accessibility or equipment. 

However, outdoor activities for physically disabled people are possible with preparation, a bit of creativity and knowledge. There should be no restrictions or doubts as to how they can enjoy the outdoors, as it is something everyone can and should do. 

We’ll guide you through some amazing ways disabled people can enjoy their utmost time outdoors and which are better suited for them. 


A lot of camping places have been especially feasible for people with disabilities. They provide sites which are accessible to them with signboards, and can even be booked in advance to avoid any sort of rush and hassle. Camp managers are also available to accommodate with support such as accessible toilets and shower stalls. The main advantage to most camping sites is they are available level ground so there is no difficulty in pushing the wheelchair as well. 


Hiking has become more accessible than ever. A lot of national parks provide trails which are paved, short and extremely practical to use for people with disabilities or who are not. These paved trails are further made through nature such as greenery and lakes so you can experience fresh air and nature instantly.

Water Sports

Getting on water and enjoying various kinds of water sports provides a unique kind of ecstasy and freedom, and people with disabilities should be able to equally experience it. Various kinds of water sports such as paddling through a lake or stream in kayaks and rafts where water is calm is an amazing way of enjoy nature. Accessibility equipment such as outriggers and paddles can further help provide stability. 


Most people love enjoying the snow in winter, and disabled people feel discouraged due to high chances of wheelchairs being stuck in ice. But these problems should not limit you; adaptable sleds are amazing for skiing on low slopes and enjoying an adventurous day.

The key is to get outdoors and enjoy life like it has no barriers. Hardly five minutes of sunlight and outdoor activity boosts self-esteem and helps alleviate depression and anxiety related symptoms. If someone is not used to going out, starting in-home such as the backyard will help combat the fear of obstacles or fear of going out in public. If there is still difficulty, you can take some of your daily activities such as reading outdoors and get a few minutes of sunshine and air. 

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