Why Accessible Housing Matters

AUTHOR: Samantha Prior


The notion that everyone can move into a home, and it will work for them isn’t something our disabled community can often enjoy. For so many living with a disability they are often trapped within their home due to access restrictions, or worse still, trapped in rooms because they cannot safely or easily access other rooms in their home. This can be for a variety of reasons – inadequate design, inability to accommodate mobility devices and insufficient support to safely live independently. 

Not all people have the same abilities, and our homes need to accommodate that. We already exist in a world that is still learning that it needs to be accessible to all people, so for people to not even have that in their home, their safe space is alarming.

Why Accessible Housing Is Important

Thankfully, we now live in an era where Specialist Disability Accommodations are becoming more readily available for people with needs that require modifications. These modifications promote independence of the individual with a disability. Doorways that are wider to accommodate wheelchair access, zero stair access throughout enabling a wheelchair user to access all areas of their home inside and out. Designing bathrooms and kitchens that enable the person with a disability to bathe safely and to cook independently create a sense of worthiness, confidence, and belonging. 

How Staff Can Help Make Housing More Accessible

When you think about housing accessibility, you often think of physical adjustments. However, for persons with intellectual disabilities, often it is the face-to-face supports which makes their home accessible.

Many people with intellectual disabilities require some assistance to perform things around the house, whether it’s getting dressed, using appliances, sticking to a schedule, or simply following their hobbies. Without support personnel, this can be a struggle to navigate, and thus in many cases, the staff gives that degree of security and support which enables people to live away from home and live independently as their peers would.

Assistive Technology

In the disability sector, assistive technology can refer to various things, and it’s a highly fascinating field when it comes to houses.

Assistive technology is making Specialist Disability Accommodation safer, more customisable, and, of course, more accessible. By including things like automated blinds and doors allows a wheelchair user to enter, exit, and adjust their environment to suit safely and easily. Automating lights and using systems like Google Home, Siri and Alexa devices can also aide the resident to know who is at the front door, turn on the lights before they arrive home, or pop the kettle on in the morning for a cup of tea. 

SDA properties are the start of a world of possibilities for people living with a disability to live independently. By utilising specialist design, assistive technology, and support staff, people living with disabilities are finally able to live in an accessible world at last. 

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