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Specialist Disability Accommodation Melbourne

Provide complete disability housing solutions

Who is Empowered Liveability

Empowered Liveability is one of the first companies to provide complete disability housing solutions that are compliant with the current NDIS regulations.

EMPOWERED LIVEABILITY combines many years experience within Disability Service Provision, Aged Care, Mental Health, Community Services, Housing, Finance, Property Management and Property Strategy. This foundation enables the team to bring our client’s, the best living solution’s, project managed, from start to finish. We work as the Accommodation Partners for providers and tenants looking for living solutions in specialist disability accommodation.

EMPOWERED LIVEABILITY has a solution for everyone.

Disability Housing Melbourne


We offer luxurious BRAND NEW homes for people with disability to live in at little to no charge. Our Brisbane, Melbourne & Perth are spacious and designed for both High Physical Support needs and Improved Liveability with a separate room for a Support Workers or live-in carers. We currently have homes in VIC, QLD and WA

SIL Partnership

We offer support provider’s the chance to partner with Empowered Liveability, by providing brand new SDA approved houses, for organisations to provide superior support...


We have built and are building some amazing BRAND NEW living solutions for NDIS participants to live in that parallels luxury home accommodation alongside disability support...


We empower our client’s and their participants to choose the solution that best works for them, and then manage the whole process on their behalf… we are with you every single step of the way...

Housing For People With Disabilities Melbourne

Live your life on your terms

Whether you are building for yourself, your family, with or without other funding sources, we offer a full service solution for your accessible housing needs.

Our Locations

Our services are span over three major cities of Australia including in Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne. We provide full independent housing information, advice and support for disabled people in Empowered Liveability.


Our vision is to create a new standard of housing in Australia to empower all individuals to live a full life on their own terms.


Our mission is to create and find innovative living solutions for people with a disability to access independent and sustainable housing tailored to their needs.

Meet Our Team

Physical Disability Housing Melbourne

Kelli Wright Laiho

Communication & Public Relations Manager


Nicole Doherty

Head of Partnerships & Compliance

SDA Housing Melbourne

Goro Gupta

Head of Strategy & Finance

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We are working to fix the accommodation crisis amongst young people with disabilities by building luxury homes with the dignity and freedom people deserve- complete with pets, gardens and room for support staff to have their own space where required. We build home’s, not workplaces.


We work as the Accommodation Partners for providers and tenants looking for living solutions in specialist disability accommodation.

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