How To Prepare For An NDIS Plan Review Meeting

What Will You Be Expecting?

The plan review experience will begin with a participant check-in, in which we will contact you near the conclusion of your current plan to schedule your plan review meeting.

We will check in with you during this conversation to assess how you are doing with your current NDIS plan and whether your circumstances have altered in the previous year.

This will help us prepare for your plan review meeting and ensure that we have all of the information we need to tailor your plan review experience to your specific requirements.

Some participants may not require a complete plan review, and we will not need to ask you all of the planning questions.

This means that your early childhood partner, LAC, or NDIA planner will have more time to check in with you, see how you’re doing, and answer any questions you have about your NDIS plan.

If your circumstances have changed or you would want to have your whole plan reviewed, we will work with you to determine what information you may need to supply.

You can hold your plan review meeting in person, over the phone, or even by video conference if one is available – whichever works best for you. You will also be able to invite support, such as a family member, friend, or Support Coordinator, to your check-in.Empowered Liveability, the leading provider of NDIS housing in Perth has some useful tips for you below;

Information Needed for a Plan Review Meeting

You may need to produce assessments or reports from some of your service providers for your plan review meeting. This is to demonstrate how your support and services assist you in achieving your goals.

These evaluations may also provide suggestions for future assistance and services that you may require. Your early childhood partner, LAC, or the NDIA will discuss this with you.

Tips for Getting Ready for Your Plan Review

Consider the following in the run-up to your plan review:

– What worked successfully in your strategy?
– What didn’t work?
– Have you made any progress toward your objectives?
– Which objectives do you want to keep, and which do you want to change?
– Who can assist you in achieving your objectives?

Extended Plan Durations or Individuals Who Are In a Stable Condition

Plan lengths of up to three (3) years are available to participants.

A long plan duration ensures that participants with support requirements that are unlikely to alter can go about their lives without having to go through regular plan review processes.

These long-term programmes are intended for people who:

– In a secure environment where their assistance requirements are unlikely to alter
– Confident in utilising their funds to accomplish their goals
– Focused on acquiring new skills, finding work, or being more involved in their community

Consider the following as you prepare for this conversation:

– Whatever life changes you intend to make in the following three years (e.g. leaving school, starting or leaving work or a change in your living situation)
– How well you are connected to your social and communal supports
– Your objectives and preferences for plan duration.

If your circumstances change at any point throughout your plan term, your early childhood partner, LAC, or planner will be able to assist you in reviewing your support requirements and, if necessary, conducting a plan review to ensure your plan is still appropriate for your new situation.

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