7 Gift Ideas for Someone in a Wheelchair

Among so many available gift options for people with a wheelchair on the Internet, a problem that many face is most shopping websites make a separate category for wheelchair users. This basically ignores that people with physical disabilities have completely different needs of use and may seem less practical for use, for example a tablet or a smartphone.

If you have someone you want to make them feel extra special, here are 7 amazing gifts especially catered to wheelchair users.

1. Wheelchair cushion

Since everyone has a specific preference on how they want their cushion to feel, this could be a great gift for that extra comfort while doing any activity. Many companies also offer customized wheelchair cushions according to designs and pressure as well. 

2. Wireless headphones

This one is a must have for every wheelchair user. Wireless headphones are a blessing when you don’t have to worry about it getting caught in anything and give an amazing joy of enjoying music and podcasts with safety. 

3. Food subscription boxes

One of the most common issues wheelchair users face is frequent visits to the grocery store. This could be stressful since there are narrow aisles and shelves difficult to reach through. Food subscription boxes provide at home delivery with all the essential ingredients needed to make daily meals. 

4. Wheel Pouches

Wheel pouches are a must gift for every person with a disability. A very practical gift, wheel pouches provide adequate storage to keep all essentials such as work or school materials or clothing, and an additional inner pouch for valuable items. 

5. Sleep help items

Most people who use wheelchairs go through insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns due to constant sitting, fatigue, chronic pain and lack of exercise and movement. Gifting something that will help them sleep more comfortably such as a diffuser with essential oils such as lavender and chamomile oils would be a great gift. 

6. Acupuncture or acupressure therapy

A perfect gift would be to surprise your loved one with a special acupuncture therapy session. They may be sceptical at first, but the benefit to this is immense and will be providing them relaxation they will definitely thank you later for. 

7. Heating pads/wraps

This is an excellent gift for wheelchair users, as the blood flow is restricted when sitting for a long time and causes chronic pain in muscles. Heating pads and wraps provide instant relief and can be used by anyone, not just people with disabilities. Since it has a cord, however, wheelchair users need to know what distance they can use to the power outlet.

We hope these ideas helped you pick the perfect gift for your special loved one. Empowered Liveability is one of the first companies to cater complete specialist disability accommodation in Melbourne and provide the best living solution for special tenants with provision, property management and other services. To get to know more about us, please contact us at admin@empoweredliveability.com.au or call now at 1300-974-912.