8 Disability Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Despite the entire difficulties one with disability lives with, they can fortunately develop life hacks to make everyday tasks easier to complete. These hacks and tricks might look different for each person, but they all serve to make one’s life easier. 

Below are eight life hacks that depending on your disability can easily be incorporated into your daily routines and make your life a little easier!

1. Diagrams

Because people with disabilities such as dyslexia tend to have difficulty processing language, they tend to be naturally more inclined towards visual and spatial thinking. Whenever possible, a great dyslexia hack is to organize information using diagrams, graphs, maps, charts, pictures, etc.

2. Audiobooks

Often the best way to read a book if you have dyslexia for example is just to cut reading out of the equation entirely. Audio books, from Audible for example, let people with disabilities experience books without having to get caught up in the mechanics of reading.

3. Breaking up Tasks

One of the most frustrating parts of living with disabilities can be the sheer amount of time many tasks take. The best way to deal with this aspect of having the learning disability is by accepting that some things simply will take a long time and breaking these tasks up into smaller pieces to minimize frustration.

4. Touch Controlled Lamps

Touch Controlled lamps are extremely convenient to use for people with disabilities. All you have to do is touch the base of the lamp to turn the light on and off. They come in so many different styles to match any room decor.

5. Voice Assistant Software

In addition to touch lamps, voice assistant software like Alexa or Google Home can improve your life by leveraging technology that allows you to accomplish more tasks in less time along with less effort. Voice assistant software on your phone or in your home can be programmed in various ways such as turning lights on and off, playing music and many more. 

6. Stylist Assist Bars

A great life hack to help make getting around in your bathroom a little easier is a toilet paper holder with an assist bar. This traditional looking toilet paper holder functions like any other holder but has a grab bar to help assist you to push off and stand up from the toilet.

7. Tablet & Laptop Grips

Get a grip on your tablet or laptop to keep it in place and prevent accidental slips. These grips come in fun, graphic designs that won’t ruin your device or leave behind sticky goo or residue. 

8. Safety Pins

Safety pins are an inexpensive life hack that will help your clothes stay put. This can be an extremely helpful way to stay independent and comfortable throughout the day for anyone who needs assistance getting dressed or adjusting their clothing. 

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