Finding Rental Properties For Wheelchair Users

Rental Properties For Wheelchair

Finding a new place to live might be difficult for the majority of those looking for SDA Housing or Specialist Disability Accommodation Melbourne. It can be exhausting to trawl through property portals, scroll through ads, and investigate local estate agents.

Trying to find an accessible property, on the other hand, might make the search for a new home to rent even more difficult.

What Factors Influence Property Accessibility?

In general, an accessible property is a house that has special features that allow wheelchair users or people with limited mobility to live independently. People who are disabled or elderly have a wide range of needs, and different people will require varying levels of accessibility.

Rental Properties with Modifications

For those with less severe needs, an “adapted” property may suffice. An adapted home has been updated with a variety of accessible improvements, such as a ramp to enter the property or grab rails in the bathrooms. When compared to homes that have been specifically designed for a wheelchair user from the ground up, adapted properties generally provide a lower level of accessibility. However, there are cases where a homeowner or landlord has invested significant time and money in adapting their property, thereby converting it into a fully wheelchair accessible home.

Rental Properties that are Wheelchair Accessible

Wheelchair Users or People with More Comprehensive Accessibility Needs Typically Require A Home That Has Been Specifically Designed To Be Lived In By A Wheelchair User. These Houses Are Typically Known As “Wheelchair Accessible Properties” And Are Mostly Found In New Build Developments.

Property developers must follow certain regulations and requirements when building new homes and they will be asked to include a fixed minimum number of accessible units, especially in larger developments.

The vast majority of new homes is built with wider hallways and doorways and generally meets better spatial standards, allowing a wheelchair user to move freely throughout the property.

So, if you are a wheelchair user or have extensive needs, you should look for a fully wheelchair accessible home to rent rather than an adapted one.

How to Locate Rentable Properties

Make a list of your requirements that are easily accessible.

The first step in finding an accessible rental property is to determine exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s a good idea to make a list of specific features you want, such as a wet room, level access, or lower countertops. Make a list of everything that comes to mind and divide it into “must haves” and “nice to haves.”

Knowing exactly what you’re looking for can save you time, and having a pre-prepared list means you can send it together with your first enquiry about a property and ask the agent or landlord to confirm if the house or flat ticks those boxes.

Get a Glimpse of Accessible Housing Ratings

Over the years, a variety of terms and ratings have been used to define an accessible home and provide some indication of its level of accessibility. Most of these ratings are only used for new homes, however certain local governments and property websites will try to use them on all of their available properties.

Searching for Rentable Properties Online

Once you’ve mastered the technical jargon and determined exactly what you’re looking for in a rental property, it’s time to start looking online.

Accessible Property Specialist Websites

There Are Several Specialist Websites That Cater To Wheelchair Accessible And Adapted Properties, And These Are Usually Your Best Bet For Finding An Accessible Rental Home.

Using Estate Agents to Find Accessible Rental Property

Unfortunately, most estate and letting agents don’t think much about how they advertise and find accessible homes for disability housing investment in Melbourne. But, an estate agent should be well-versed in their local market, and if you can provide them with a list of your specific requirements, they should be able to highlight a number of rental properties that might meet your needs. You can contact our 24/7 accessible support at 1300-974-912 for further details.