How to Talk About Your Disability during a Job Interview

When a person with a handicap is job seeking, deciding when to reveal a condition may be challenging. When it comes to a hidden handicap, such as a learning disability or mental impairment, deciding when and how to reveal your condition can be difficult. 

Some recommendations for dealing with handicap concerns throughout the pre-employment process are included below:

Location’s Accessibility

Whether or not you should use this suggestion will depend on your specific disability, but you must be able to enter the interview room. Are there any steps that would be inaccessible to a wheelchair? What is the distance between the interview room and the car park, and are there any disabled parking spaces? Is there a bathroom that is easily accessible?

Also keep in mind that if an employer wishes to follow the law, you should be interviewed under the same conditions as an able-bodied candidate.

Talk about your Resume/CV

Make two copies of your CV: one for yourself and one for the interviewer. Having a copy of your CV in front of you can prevent you from forgetting crucial information when you are undoubtedly asked about topics on your CV. It goes without saying that everything on there must be accurate.

Asking Good Questions

Questions demonstrate interest in the job you’re looking for, but they’re also a sly method for you to demonstrate how well you match the role or alleviate any fears the interviewer may have. Always ask a question that demonstrates your knowledge of their firm, such as, “Since your company introduced a new product line last month, is it intending to expand into a new territory?”

Be Confident 

Positive self-talk may even deceive your mind, such as stating to yourself before the interview, “I’m happy, I’m excited” rather than making stressful scenarios in your mind. Before the interview, listening to powerful music, composing a letter describing a moment when you felt powerful, and striking power postures are all fantastic ideas. Just don’t go overboard and come across as arrogant.

Interview Answers 

Companies have been conducting interviews for years, and their questions are quite predictable; in fact, you can buy books on interview questions. Spending an hour or two planning out your replies can make you appear more professional. It will boost your confidence, but avoid sounding rehearsed.

Highlight Your Abilities

Remember to focus on your skills rather than your limitations. Employers are looking for skilled and capable candidates to fill open jobs. Sell them on what you can accomplish rather than what you can’t and the interview will go far better than you anticipated. 

Letter of Recommendation

See if you can acquire a letter of reference from a charity or a previous employer, which you may print and leave with interviewers as you leave the room. It will increase your trustworthiness. 

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