Why Accessible Housing Matters

Housing is a basic right, yet disabled persons are far too often homeless or experience housing insecurity. As a result, they spend more time institutionalised, homeless, or living with family members than most other groups. Our policies for disability housing in Melbourne strives to effect systematic and comprehensive, long-term improvements that benefit individuals with disabilities across the country.

There is a significant distinction between a house and a home. We go out of our way to make our residences a home for individuals.

Accessibility requirements will frequently change from person to person. Many persons with disabilities have encountered situations in which they could not function. A house should never be like that. Once a barrier has been discovered, it’s time to figure out a solution that works for the individual who will live in the room.

When we create a new home, we intentionally leave it as a bit of a blank canvas so that we can work with the new housemate to truly make it their own – including the items they require for accessibility.

Why Accessible Housing Is Important

Everyone needs a place to call home where they may feel secure, at ease, and totally themselves. For persons with disabilities, a lack of accessibility can occasionally prevent one or all of those activities from being possible. Simply, accessible housing assists people in becoming self-sufficient. Moving out of the house may be a major move, but it can also be rewarding.

How Staff Can Help Make Housing More Accessible

When you think about housing accessibility, you often think of physical adjustments. However, for persons with intellectual disabilities, it is frequently the face-to-face support that makes a residence accessible.

Many people with intellectual disabilities require some assistance to perform things around the house, whether it’s getting dressed, using appliances, sticking to a schedule, or simply following their hobbies. Without support personnel, this may be a very difficult thing to do, and thus in many cases, the staff gives that degree of security and support that allows people to live away from home.

Assistive Technology

In the disability sector, assistive technology can refer to various things, and it’s a highly fascinating field when it comes to houses.

Assistive technology is making specialized handicap housing safer, more customizable, and, of course, more accessible. Nothing makes our property staff more enthusiastic than the latest technology, and our houses reflect this.

Independence is greatly aided by technology, and it denotes that individuals have their own space and feel comfortable in it. For example, in several of our locations, every room and bathroom will have a button that will notify employees. This means that individuals may go about their days doing things they’d rather do on their own, and the staff can be there to help them if they want or need it.

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